• Smoothies

      $5.75  Reg.    $7.75  Lge.

      Proteins: Whey Isolate Rice Protein +$1.00 Organic Hemp Protein +$1.00
      Other additions: Oats +$2.00 Egg Whites +$3.00 Oats: muscle-building, fibre, weight loss Maca: libido, hormone balance, energy Vitamin C: skin, nails, immune system, antioxidant, overall health Probiotic: stomach and gut health, digestion and weight loss Coral Calcium: strong bones and teeth, joint health and overall health Flax seed: good source of protein and fibre Coconut oil: weight loss, energy, metabolism boost Garcinia cambogia: weight loss, appetite suppressant Veggie: spinach, kale, beets or ginger Turmeric: anti-inflammatory, antioxidant Organic wheatgrass $2.50 Organic matcha $2.00
    • Veggie Greens Medley

      The ultimate super food, featuring 60 land & sea cruciferous vegetables, 4 berries, banana & vanilla protein

    • Beets & Berries

      Beets, berries, spinach, vanilla protein

    • Breakfast Blend

      Hemp hearts, flax seed, spinach, banana, strawberries, coconut water

    • Spinach (pineapple, mixed berries or mango)

      Spinach, mixed berries, coconut water & vanilla protein

    • Hemp and Flaxseed

      Hemp protein & hearts, flax seed, banana, mixed berries, coconut water

    • Chocolate Banana

      Banana, cacao, & chocolate protein

    • Peanut Butter Madness

      Banana, peanut butter, cacao & chocolate protein

    • Chocolate Ginger

      Ginger, chocolate protein, banana & cinnamon

      Sunshine Smoothie

    • Sunshine Smoothie

      Orange, coconut, strawberry,  banana, yogurt & protein

    • Strawberries & Banana

      Strawberries, banana, yogurt & vanilla protein

    • Pineapple Coconut

      Pineapple, banana, coconut water & vanilla protein

    • Matcha Green Tea (Mango or Pineapple)

      Organic matcha tea, banana, vanilla protein & coconut water

    • Coffee Smoothie

      Coffee, banana, cacao, yogurt & chocolate protein

    • Orange Carrot Smoothie

      Fresh carrots, orange, coconut water & vanilla protein

    • Kale & Pineapple

    • Kale & Berries

    • Hangover Cure


      Veggie smoothie with protein, bananas, mixed berries, maca, coconut oil, acai, chlorella, green tea & coconut water

    • Body Builder Smoothie (Large Size Only)


      Whey isolate, egg whites, oats, peanut butter, almond milk, cacao, banana & strawberries

    • Ultimate Fibre Juice (Large Size Only)


      Celery, spinach, beets, cucumber, romaine & strawberries blended in coconut water